6 Natural Ways to Have Better, Thicker Eyebrows

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From magazine covers to runway models, thick, full eyebrows had been a mark of glamour and splendor in the course of contemporary history. Think about conventional fashions/actresses like Brooke Shields and Elizabeth Taylor, each recognized for their deep, dark eyebrows.

Defined eyebrows draw the eye right away to the eyes and face. Eyebrow pencils have continually been round to bring out the thicker, described look, however, there are different, extra natural ways to have thick, fantastic brows, and most of them may be discovered in your private home.

Allow’s take a look at 10 methods to have thicker, fuller eyebrows the herbal way.

Coconut oil includes natural oils, vitamin E, and protein that instantly beautify and darken the look of your brows. Just put a few to your fingertips and easy throughout the line of your eyebrows. For better circulation, massage your brows along with your fingertips.

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